Buying a horse should always be an exciting and positive experience. An occasion where you feel confident and fully assured in all aspects of the transaction. Where all details are cleared and transparent. With no doubts or uncertainties. From someone you trust.
That’s what Nova Equestrian is all about.

Our primary objective is to find uncut diamonds to develop and train for future sale. They shall not only have the outmost physical and mental potential – super talent – three high quality gates, and most importantly they must be clinically sound alongside approved x-rays. No reservations on insurance will be approved. We therefore always let three independent veterinarians evaluate all results and x-rays in order to ensure our clients maximum safety for their future investment. Nova Equestrian only selects the horses meeting up to our top standards. And we don’t bend our rules.

It’s not just what you see on the outside that is important. It’s also what you do not see. Therefore, we put great emphasis on taking part of the horses’ pedigree and history, which can often show glimpse of what one can expect from the future. A horse whose ancestry reflects high riding ability, a temeperament in combination with a high physical capacity, will most likely generate a horse of the same caliber. This can be the difference giving its future rider a stellar riding experiences each day regardless of training or competition.

When selected, the horse will be transferred to one of Nova Equestrian top European professional elite riders in e.g. Sweden and Holland, who will train and develop the horses further. Each horse is an individual of its own, with its own capacity and we therefore set the goal of the training according to these individual conditions. For some stars, it takes longer, for others shorter time to achieve these goals.

When the horse is ready, we take great concern in finding the perfect match between rider and horse, in order for the horse to be able to perform at his level and the equipage to have the best conditions for success.

We won’t release our horses until we see that the goal of our training has been achieved so that the new rider can continue the development with a smooth transition. The horses’ price is adjusted and increased along time in steps with education, development and potential is shown.

Whether you are looking for a lifelong best friend or a new star to team up with for upcoming competitions; if you share our vision, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be honored to help you find you your new Nova star.