Professional and personal treatment when I found my beloved horse! Nova equestrian together with Natalie Oldfors assisted and there was always an open dialogue which made the whole experience simple and smooth.
Carin Zetterberg
Buyer Jarno
Nova Equestrian helped me finding the perfect match with Kwadraat. Everything from the search process till the buying process was extremely professional. Foremost I appreciated the transparency that ran through the entire affair.
Lisa Kjellén
Buyer Bunkenoord's Kwadraat
We are very happy and hopeful. Nova Equestrain have been committed about finding a good match between horse and rider. We had plenty of time to get to know each other, me and Kasztan. Nova Equestrain have been very engaged, honest and straightforward towards us from the first contact until the contract was completed. Nova Equestrain continued having good contact after we bought Kasztan and they are still very engaged that everything goes well. in Kasztan's price range it is important of value for money.
Peggy Wedin
Buyer Kasztan