Vicktoria Tällberg brings with her an extensive network, as well as experience and knowledge from her 6 years as a Rider at Blue Hors in Denmark, where she was responsible for the development and sales of the younger sales horses together with her mentor and daily trainer Daniel Bachmann. During her time in Denmark, Victoria has shown numerous of young horses and qualified them for e.g. Herning and world championships. Many of whom can be seen out on the international shows today.

Born and raised in an equestrian family in the northern part of Sweden, Vicktoria started riding at age 3 and has since the beginning always had her mind set to ride in the elite.

At the age of 19 Vicktoria was selected by the Svenska Ridsportförbundet (Swedish Equestrian Federation) for an exclusive pilot program selecting new raising stars for the upcoming Olympics in Rio 2016. Unfortunately, after just a few months into the program, a severe injury on Vicktorias’ horse put an end to the Olympic dream.

After a brief coaching job in Spain, Vicktoria went back to Sweden to finish her masters and has now a degree in industrial engineering and management.

“I look very much forward to become a part of the strong Nova network and to represent Novas’ stellar mindset on how to train and sell top quality horses. Nova is a company matching my beliefs in the way they do transparent modern horse sales with the main focus in always finding the best match. It’s the perfect place for me to develop my equine business and future”